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Man Inspires Town During Lockdown—Spelling Out Messages with Rubber Duckies in Front Yard (PHOTOS)

People are traveling across town to see the rubber duckies being arranged into inspiring messages that are quacking up the neighborhood.

Jim Preston came up with the unique way to make people smile during lockdown from his 14th Ave. home in Menlo Park, California.

He gets up at the quack of dawn (presumably) and uses the yellow toy ducks to spell out words of hope, encouragement, and wisdom, and has been doing it for months.

Chandrama Anderson told GNN that photos were being posted on the app, NextDoor, but that she began seeing the creations on her daily walks.

“For my husband’s 60th birthday under Covid lockdown, when there weren’t many ways to make a birthday special, I asked Jim to use his ducks to spell out ‘Happy Birthday Locke,’ and he did!”

She said he was “thrilled”.

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A message from Lion King

Even if the message is not created specifically for you, it’s easy to believe the uplifting sidewalk art comes straight from the heart—the heart of a town ‘wise quacker’.

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