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Lift the Holiday Spirits of Lonely Strangers Who’d Love a Message This Year: Join The Letter-Writing Campaign

A letter-writing initiative that sees bundles of uplifting, personal notes being delivered to individuals in need of kind words is back with its ’12 Days of Love Letter Writing’ campaign, and you can join in on the action.

There are four more days to go in More Love Letters’ December drive, and the organization says: “We need your cursive to make this year the most impactful yet!

Sign up, and each morning you’ll find a new letter request. You’ll then have the day to write your letter to someone who might be feeling lonely or in need of some extra encouragement in the form of a handwritten note, and you can write as many letters as you’d like.

Everyone taking part sends their letter to More Love Letters’ listed address, and all those notes then get bundled and passed on to the person on the receiving end of the action.

The people who receive all those kind words, all those handwritten notes and letters and cards? They’ve been nominated by a friend or a family member.

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We told the story of MLL’s beginnings earlier this year, with founder Andrea Brechner saying: “I published a simple question on my blog: ‘Do you need someone to write you a love letter today?’ and my inbox filled up with heartbreaking stories.” She explained to Good News Network, “That one question changed my life forever as I spent the next year writing hundreds of love letters to strangers in all parts of the world.”

Soon after, Brechner created MLL. Now there are 42,000 Facebook members, and more than a quarter of a million letters have been passed on to surprise recipients since the organization’s inception in 2011.

Those letters make a difference. Here’s a recent note from a recipient on MLL’s Instagram:

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If you’d like to take part in this year’s 12 Days of Love Letter Writing, you can head to the MLL website to sign up.

If You Don’t Have Time To Send A Holiday Letter, Be Sure And Share This Inspiring Story With Your Friends On Social Media…


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