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Conjure Some Gratitude For Our Planet With These Incredible Siena Award Winning Photos

One simple way to remind ourselves of this incredible planet we inhabit: By seeing the world from the perspective of artists skilled in noticing the tiny, the magnificent, the sublime. 

The photographers who took the winning entries in the 2020 Siena International Photo Awards have just that special way of seeing the wold.

Seals swirl like dancers around an iceberg. Athletes dive. Tree leaves change color. Thunder slashes through clouds. It’s stunning, and a great reminder that while we may not be able to travel in the way we have might in other years, the birds are still flying. Nature, and people, continue on.

Take a look at some of the winning Siena entries below.

Frozen Mobile Home, by Greg Lecoeur

Vladik, by Sergey Anisimov

El Cordon Caulle II, by Francisco Negron

Synchro Steam, James Rokop

Spanish Moss, Mauro Battistell

Flamingos in Abstract Landscape, Jose Fragozo

I’m a Bragger, Nicolas Reusens Boden

Jump, Xuebiao Yan

When Rays Fly, Emit Aschel

Good Morning, Wookeun Choi

Benediction, Amirmahdi Najafloo Shahpar

HongKongers, Olesia Kim

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