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She Finally Won Her Dad’s Approval by Defying Him and Pursuing ‘Soft Science’, Anyway—and Won 1st Prize

Hear an amusing tale of scientific determination in this week’s edition of MOTH Monday, a partnership with Good News Network that features inspiring videos from The MOTH, a nonprofit group showcasing the art of storytelling.

Back when Deirdre Bowen was in middle school, her father always pressured her to pursue “hard science” in order to win the science fair.

Rather than continuing his suggested research on monkey skulls, however, Deirdre defied her father’s wishes by opting for “soft science” projects on dreams and education.

He later told Deirdre that she was the only one of her siblings who had been brave enough to go against his coaching methods—but it turned out to be a good thing that she did.

(LISTEN to the amusing story below)

The Moth gives people an opportunity to tell a true story in front of a live audience, and sometimes their stories are chosen to air on the radio show, now celebrating its tenth year, and broadcasting on 485+ public radio stations—and on The Moth podcast, which is downloaded over 52 million times a year. The Moth’s third book, Occasional Magic: True Stories About Defying the Impossible is now available for purchase through your favorite booksellers.

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