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New Positive Podcast – Inspiring Daily COVID Updates from Geri & Anthony!

Episode #4 of our quarantine-inspired podcast just dropped—and we are doing shows every few days during this COVID-19 craziness, as the perfect antidote to today’s 24-hour cable news.

Join Geri and Anthony as they talk about the ‘corona kindness’ breaking out all over the world, the silver linings, pandemic-positives, and the most exciting breakthroughs in technology, business, and health this week.

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Our Good News Gurus are bringing you the most inspiring positive news from the last few days, like a breakthrough company that uses recycled aluminum instead of batteries to store solar energy; and a new treatment for lyme disease (and other good news).

Email Us: We’d love to share your story, answer questions, or interview you on the show: [email protected]

Go Listen and Subscribe to Episodes on iTunes—or Spotify, here — or, on Podbean…

Good News Network Founder Geri Weis-Corbley along with GNN co-owner Anthony Samadani will be recording a couple episodes each week to serve their fans with a reassuring and uplifting focus. If you enjoy it, give us a review and share with friends.

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