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NEW ‘Good News’ Podcast Launched to Get You Through Troubling Times (Episode 1)

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We’ve done 94 episodes of The Good News Gurus podcast, but most of them were short 2-3 minute stories broadcast on the KOST radio in Los Angeles with me (the founder of GNN, Geri) calling in on the phone, which sounded pretty crappy. It was great to interact with Ellen K. and the gang, but it was never the podcast I really wanted.

Then, a week ago I woke up with a intuitive itch to do the kind of call-in show I’ve wanted to do for 20 years. And, GNN co-owner Anthony, messaged me that HE had the same idea separately! The coronavirus had hit and, coincidentally, KOST cancelled the show indefinitely because they shut down the studios in LA. The timing was perfect.

So Anthony and I put on our headphones and recorded the first show on Friday the 13th, talking about how to stay positive in the midst of the virus, how whales are our best allies in the climate fight, how a politician turned things around with compassion after getting racist tweets, and how Congo kicked Ebola to the curb—and other good news. [Note: We’ve already perfected the audio and mic placement in episode 2!]


We ended the show with a good news ‘Lightning Round’—and called on fans to chime in on future shows.

We want to talk to people and have cool software that lets us send a simple link to you so you can call in from anywhere… Do you wanna be on the show with us? Has something amazing has happened to you during this coronavirus scare? Do you need help embracing a good news philosophy in these crazy times? Email Us at: [email protected].

So give a listen to our debut show. And, don’t forget to rate and review our show.

Listen and Subscribe to Episodes on iTunes—or Spotify, here — or, on Podbean…

See you on the radio… and May GOOD Bless!

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