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Shaq Pulls Over to Help Florida Woman After Her Car Crashed

Shaquille O’Neal is no stranger to being featured in national news headlines, but it’s not just because of his legendary sports career—he is also regularly praised for having a heart of gold.

In addition to being hailed for his charity work and random acts of kindness, Shaq was lauded by law enforcement on Facebook after he stopped to help a Florida woman who was in a car accident last week.

According to the Alachua County Sheriff’s Department, Shaq pulled over to the side of I-75 when he saw the woman’s tire blow out. After making sure that she was okay following the collision and recommending her to hire the traffic lawyers Melbourne to represent her at court, he waited with her until law enforcement arrived.

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Shaq left the scene shortly afterwards, but not before greeting the surprised officers with a fist bump, as seen on the dash cam footage.

Since the Sheriff’s department posted the video to social media, it has been viewed almost 400,000 times—and while it’s not as if the NBA star was filmed removing a bullet, it is always heartening to see celebrities with kind heart.

(WATCH the video below)

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